Ever thought of letting your cat join your practice?

Isn’t it more fun to Down-Dog while your furry friend dangles around your feet?

Isn’t it more enjoyable to have your pet resting on your belly, purring, as you ease out on Corpse Pose?

Calling out cat lovers!

Yoga has a new trend that will definitely satisfy your senses. Cat Yoga! This new practice is gaining more and more popularity, especially among women. Yoga alone is already a very good medium of relaxation, but what could possibly happen if your cat enters the scene? It’ll be one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have.

Mystic Eyes
Cats are known as mystical creatures dating back to ancient Egypt. They function like crystals, absorbing negative energies and cleansing them. They release these energies during their sleep, and when these energies are left unreleased out of their body, they’re stored as fat. This is why it is important that your cat is having the rest and sleep it needs.

Cleansing the Mind and Body
Practicing Yoga benefits the physical body and the mind. Yoga is not only proven to strengthen the body, it also helps promote better blood circulation and heal common ailments such as indigestion, spasm and arthritis. By adding cute mystical creatures to it, the whole practice maximizes the overall cleansing that an individual experiences. Not only that, it also allows Yogi(s) to practice compassion. When practicing Cat Yoga, the love and appreciation for all beings that we live with in order to promote harmony are practiced. These virtues are observed not only in the mat but also in the world outside ourselves.

Cats do not just cleanse energies, but they are also a very good prop to increase the intensity, creativity and fun of your practice. Some poses you could try are cuddling your pet while balancing in a tree pose, letting your cat rest on your lap on a dandasana or lifting your furry friend in a Warrior I. Incorporating your cat on your practice could also be as simple as having it around while you’re on the mat.

A word of caution!
Cat Yoga is a great way to spice your practice up and is a must-try for cat lovers. But remember, before getting into this amazing trend, make sure that you do not have any type of allergy that can be triggered by cats. Also be aware that cats love sharpening their claws on the edges of the mat and on your clothing, so be careful that they don’t damage your 90 Degree by Reflex

These furry loving creatures are very curious and can be distractive, in the cutest way possible! You’ll never know how fun and exciting things can be unless you give this new trend a try. You do not only strengthen your body and increase flexibility; you also relax your mind in this heart-warming and unique experience. So, the next time you feel stressed and in need of an effective stress buster, give Cat Yoga a go!

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