The goal of yoga is to reach the infinite potential of the human mind and soul, and -as a practice-symbolizes the union of individual consciousness with divinity. This practice comprises different exercises that guide the strengthening of the body by performing a variety of movements with intercalating postures or asanas, and conscious breathing techniques. Adding to this, yoga encourages disinterested service, mindfulness, compassionate love, the study of life and meditation

Yogis and yoginis are spontaneous and nature-loving beings with immense sensitivity to details of everyday life. They develop the mindfulness of their acts and movements, showing themselves to the world as free souls, through the practice of yoga.

“Supremely successful man, Oh Arjuna!. Is he who disciplines his senses through the mind, with detachment and keeps the organs of activity fixed on the path of actions leading to union with divinity”. 


Developing full attention in our lives is the fruit we reap by maintaining control over the mind, as it has the potential to contribute to the awakening of mindfulness; Paying attention to thoughts, acts, emotions, bodily sensations, respiratory rate, and our surrounding environment; Kabat-Zinn (1994) describes in The Techniques of Stress Reduction Based on Full Attention that: “Paying attention in a particular way, as a purpose, in the present moment and without moral judgments”. This introduction to mindfulness promotes effective management of mind and body through meditation and yoga practice to develop mindfulness in our own lives.

“Whatever it is, I quit –now I`ll let my breath out- “

Jack Kerouac

The mind is the sum of all accumulated conditioning; it is time, past and future, expressed through desire, emotions and behavior that is also recognized as painful memories which manifest in attachment, resentment, violence, and joy. Yoga allows recognizing the potential within each of us, to fall in love with yourself and to dominate the realm of the mind for personal growth. 

Each of us has the potential to achieve a victorious life. Integrating daily routines with the practice of exercises, meditation techniques that guide the mindfulness and activities encouraging contact with nature. Discipline and effort will bring us closer to holistic well-being and gratitude to life.

Donna Farhi, a yoga instructor, shares the following phrase:

“Yoga does not take us away from reality or the responsibilities of everyday life, but it puts our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical realm of experience. We do not transcend our lives; we return to the lives we have left behind in the hope of something better”


Begin by breathing slowly, in a comfortable position, allow yourself to feel your body sensations, identify daily responsibilities, the tasks pending, the discomforts and restlessness of the mind and so on. As you read these lines, feel the present, release the tension of the shoulders and watch as thoughts come and go, maintain the awareness of each inhalation and each exhalation, experience the present, prioritizing your thoughts, create solutions to adversity, trust in your sound judgment and potential. Relax every muscle in your body inhaling and exhaling, and in time, you will understand what is inside. Observe. Listen. Pay attention.

We are dormant opportunities, 

Come out and live,

Here and now.



RYT200 Vinyasa 

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