I like to get inspired by my surroundings. When I seek inspiration I go to my grandmothers’ property where there is a rose garden that is not only beautiful at sight but smells just perfect, too. I would take a walk there just to indulge the sweet aroma of a multitude of roses. I would close my eyes and let the wind caress my senses. The experience not only relaxes me, but it inspires me for new ventures. I can return to that peaceful state any time of the year, not only when roses are in bloom which is roughly from April to September.

The two most obvious outtakes I get from visiting the rose garden are depicted through my wardrobe and the smell I try to imitate around the house.

The style is an extension of my feelings. On days when I feel festive, I show that with bright colors and bold prints. I think that flowers are a subtle print to have. They are not too bold, yet they scream happy. There are so many flower prints inspired by the plant kingdom; anything from palm leaves and avocados, to daffodils and everything in between.

1. I enjoy wearing athletic leisure wear all day long, and yoga pants are at the top of the list. I also own a couple of tower print ones that I would match up with a more muted tone shirt or tunic. Another thing to consider when pairing an outfit is materials. Lace, for example, compliments flower prints nicely. Also, a toned down version of lace is a mesh material, which just so happens to be in style. When I’m feeling even bolder, I like to accompany the ensemble with a leather piece, like a jacket and have a rocking look.

2. When you feel like you want to scream exuberance for summertime, and it can be any time of the year, opt for a floral kimono, dress, tunic or a playsuit. You may also consider layering them over yoga pants for a more casual outfit in colder weather. They not only jumpstart your heart because of its vibrant patterns but they are also so comfortable yet chic.

3. Another way to look summery all year long is by wearing a flower button up shirt. When paired with more athletic-looking pants and a T-shirt you are styled for your outing to the gym. While you could up style the look by adding some jewelry, a scarf, dressy shoes or a more tailored jacket and be easily ready for work.

4. A way to incorporate flowers into your outfits is by sewing flower patches on your clothing. Patches can be easily made of excess materials which you either shape into a brooch or sew directly onto the piece of clothing where you want it. The best part about them is that they are also easy to remove or change with a different one. I like to place mine on jackets which I then wear in combination with yoga pants to instantly up style the look. Sometimes I would add a scarf and be ready to run errands before hitting the gym.

Did you sometimes smell something or only get reminded of a certain smell and think back to an instance from the past that involved the same smell? Flowers normally radiate pleasant fragrances and hopefully also evoke pleasant memories.

Taste and smell go hand in hand. Around 80% of the flavors we taste comes from what we smell. So, when you don’t like the smell of something, you are most likely not going to enjoy its taste either. I, for example, loathe cabbage, so you’ll probably never see me enjoy a cabbage soup nor even grow cabbage anytime soon.

After all that has been said, the smell is truly of essence when trying to spark focus, creativity, or an environment to relax in. Take these into account at home and in your workspace and see how it may help improve your productivity.

Just be smart about where you buy all the scents from as they can get pretty expensive. As a tip, it would be economical, and perhaps practical, to invest in a diffuser. It is a great way to burn little essential oils or perfumes. Mixed with water, the mist slowly evaporates into space, making it smell just the way you prefer.

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