Stirrup leggings are once again becoming a hot new trend among modern yogis. Years ago, these prominent pants first made their appearance among the fashion-forward. This time around, they’ve made their appearance as a useful apparel item for the growing number of yogis.

This contemporary twist on traditional yoga leggings is a cute way to ensure that your leggings stay in place throughout your practice instead of riding up. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’ll be sure to find a pair that ultimately suits your needs. However, you may still struggle to figure out how to wear them well.

If you need a little guidance on how to wear your stirrup leggings to yoga class, look no further. We knew you would welcome these hot fashion tips.


Pair Them with Fancier Shoes

It’s true that stirrup leggings can definitely feel a lot more casual. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them for a lunch date directly following your yoga class. Consider pairing your stirrup leggings with a pair of cute heels or heeled booties for a one-of-a-kind look. The loop at the bottom should be hooked over the heel of the shoe for a put-together appearance.

Put Them On with Yoga Socks

Do you find that the extra loop of fabric around the base of your foot causes you to slip and slide too deep into some of your standing postures? You can still wear your favorite stirrup leggings with the help of a pair of yoga socks. These cute accessories cover your feet with additional rubber grips on the bottom. They’ll help your feet to stick to the mat solidly with very little effort on your part.

Find a Long Tunic

Stirrup leggings can still be styled in much the same way as a traditional pair of full-length yoga leggings. A long and flowing tunic top will always be one of the best matches for a pair of tight spandex yoga leggings. This presents a simple way to balance out your outfit in a style that suits everyone.

Tunic tops can be found in a wide variety of styles that can be adjusted based on your personal tastes. You may want to find a cream top with a strappy cutout pattern on the back to pair with a pair of wine-colored stirrup pants. Alternatively, you may want to find a tunic top that sparkles with metallic accents for a pretty addition to standard black stirrup leggings. The options are almost infinite with these two essential wardrobe items.

If you’ve been considering a pair of stirrup yoga leggings, it won’t be hard for you to find something to pair with them. They can be worn in many of the same ways as your trusty favorites, so you’re bound to have a few pieces in your closet that will already work well together. They definitely present a unique advantage for yogis who are able to find the perfect pair.

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