Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that if one’s diet is very unsuitable for the health needs of the body, all the medicines in the world cannot work wonders on the ailments that follow. On the other hand, if one’s diet is nutritious and sensible, then the individual will never need medicine for life. Regardless, some of you may believe that even in the absence of a healthy diet, regular exercise can resolve all your health issues. You could not be more wrong! Both diet and exercise are important to keep a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

If you are heavily into the practice of yoga, you must ensure that you receive maximum benefits by adhering to a nutritious dietary regimen. You may not be aware of it, but food has an immensely positive/negative impact on your physical well-being, mental fitness, and emotions.

Satvik Type of Food

The healthiest type of foodstuff belongs to this category. They not only keep your body pure from the inside, but also calm a disturbed mindset. You will be able to include a number of foods that you can consume raw, in this category. All fresh vegetables fall into this category, barring carrots, turnips, garlic, and onions. You are equally welcome to consume all the fresh fruits that you want. All dairy products, except eggs, are permissible. Other kinds of Satvic food are unpolished rice, red rice, wheat, oatmeal, barley, pulses, cereals, honey, groundnuts and sugar candy. Avoid refrigerated food. Do ensure that you consume cooked food within the next three to four hours. It would be best to have freshly prepared food at every major meal. Check out this interesting video for more!

Rajasik Type of Food

The foodstuffs found in this category tends to act like stimulants. They prompt the mind and body to move out of lethargy and go into action mode. Rajasik foodstuffs include spices, asafetida, coffee, tea, cocoa, turnips, carrots, tamarind, chilies, pickles, mustard, salt, sour things, white sugar, meat, fish, eggs, fried food, etc. Such foods are healthy in moderation. If consumed in excess, they can lead to irritability and anger. You may become restless and hyperactive. Sometimes, even sleep is disturbed or you may suffer from sleeplessness.

Tamasik Type of Food

These are just the things you should stay clear of, especially when you are deep into yoga practice. Tamasik foodstuffs include all kinds of intoxicants, drugs, liquors, and wines. Even pork, beef, non-vegetarian dishes, garlic, onions, tobacco, menus filled with fats/sugar/oil, processed foods, stale food and anything that is re-heated/re-cooked, fall into this category. Overconsumption of such food tends to make the mind dull, sometimes even confused and disoriented. Your body begins to experience a kind of inertia, which prevents you from completing any task to satisfaction.

Do note that you cannot strictly classify any kind of food as good or bad. You must just make sure that you consume everything, even your favorite foods, in moderation. It might be a good idea to consult a nutritionist skilled in the Science of Ayurveda, for advice, since each person’s constitution is different.

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